Mike Bunge – Assignment Editor

Mike Bunge - Assignment Editor

Name: Mike Bunge
Job: Assignment Manager
Born: Davenport, IA
Elementary: Wilton, IA
High School: Clarence-Lowden, IA
College: University of Iowa
Career History: WOC, KWQC, KCUE, WTSO, KXEL and KIMT. Future call signs to be determined.
Favorite Book: Starship Troopers
Favorite Movie: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Heroes: Jesus, Stan Lee and the inventor of the Double Quarter-Pounder.
Villains: Hitler, John Nathan Turner and people who think ordering a cup of coffee entitles them to sit for hours at McDonald’s with every newspaper in the place stacked beside them.
Future Goals: To never have to fill one of these out again.