Tyler Roney – Morning Meteorologist

Tyler Roney - Morning Meteorologist

Tyler Roney was born in Story City Iowa and lived there until elementary school began and moved to the tiny town of just over 2,000 people called Alta Iowa.
 Living in Iowa all his life has given him an appreciation for every element of weather that Iowa experiences.

 Being from a small town gives you the appreciation for that connection feeling of everyone knowing everyone. When I was young, a thunderstorm passed over my town and when it did I stood by the door watching it happen as my mom was trying to make me go down to the basement. It was then that I became completely engulfed in weather and wanted to learn all about it because I found it so fascinating. I then discovered the Weather Channel and I would watch that more than any ordinary child. I think I watched cartoons and the weather channel an even 50/50 split. I then would draw horrible reenactments of the United States and hang them all over my room and create essential weather maps. Throughout my entire schooling experience through high school I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a meteorologist and to study the weather. Because I loved the weather and also liked the ability to be on TV giving people the proper forecast to plan their days and stay head of any severe weather , I decided to pursue broadcast meteorology.  It was then that Iowa State University called my name to study meteorology and follow my dreams in attaining a major in meteorology.
While attending Iowa State University, I had many great experiences with not only the weather but broadcasting as well. The cable access channel that Iowa State owns had a weather show on twice a week called Cy’s Eyes on the Skies which allowed for students to experience an actual news broadcast. Also, with the knowledge gained throughout college I found a new passion for storm chasing. While I haven’t seen a great deal of tornadoes, I was chasing during the April 9th, 2011 Northwest Iowa outbreak and it was then that I got my first experience in seeing a tornado.
I am eager to apply my knowledge to forecasting and covering severe weather to not only give the most accurate forecast possible, but to also assist in covering severe weather and to be able to clearly describe the situation to the public. Safety is incredibly important and being clear and concise are my main goals.
While not on air, I enjoy spending time with my friends, being outdoors, and being a glorified video game nerd.