A new study finds stopping cholesterol lowering drugs, may be linked to an increased risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease. Click here for …

Back Pain

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Mercy Cancer Center’s New Star Program

A new program is launched at the Mercy Cancer Center and it aims at helping cancer survivors regain their strength and balance after their t…

Blood Donations Down Nationwide

It’s summer time, and that means the Red Cross is in need of blood donors. The American Red Cross says it typically sees a drop in donors ov…

An intestinal illness is hitting Iowa. The Iowa Department of Public Health and CDC are investigating several confirmed cases of Cyclopora. …

Fitness Friday: Zumba

KIMT News 3’s Annie Szatkowki shows us how to break out of that workout rut and turn fitness into a fiesta.

Fitness Fridays: HIIT Workout

Fitness Friday: HIIT Cardio Workout

KIMT News 3’s Annie Szatkowski is hitting the gym to show us how we can get a great cardio workout in a short amount of time.