Tree-stand safety month

Tree-stands are a popular, but a dangerous hunting tactic. Here are some tips to keep you safe this season

Charges for ignoring sex abuse

A central Iowa sex abuse case is bringing attention to the fact that people should not ignore these crimes, but actually report them.

Statewide cannabis oil public forums

Decriminalizing cannabis oil was just the start, now residents are taking the opportunity to share their thoughts on a bill they hope to bro…

Nitrates found in drinking water

The Mitchell County Care Facility was recently cited by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for having high nitrate levels in their wat…

Not too late for rain

The rain seemed to pour and pour over the weekend, and for local farmers the much needed moisture comes right in time.

Walmart to reopen

MASON CITY, Iowa – Much of our area saw extremely heavy rain this weekend and while the rain was welcome, the amount was not. It led to flas…

Understanding the precision of driving

Driving can become second nature after you’ve been behind the wheel for a year or two, but truly understanding and handling your car, is an …