Emerald Ash Borer hits our area

The Emerald Ash Borer has spread dramatically throughout the country in recent years, and has reached our area.

A city split

John Buren has lived in Britt all of his life, and he knows what kinds of memories the bank building in downtown Britt holds.

Rick Perry indictment draws criticism

He’s facing serious charges as part of two federal indictments, but Texas Governor, Rick Perry is taking a stand against a grand jury.

Local school scores high with ACT

It’s the fifth straight year that Forest City students have ACT composite scores that are higher than the Iowa state average.

Autism advancements

After a breakthrough diagnosis, a local family is reaching out to parents of severely mentally challenged kids.

The sound of the cicadas

We’re finding out if there really is a connection between hearing the bugs and when we’ll get our first frost.

Soldier service not forgotten

As a show of respect to our fallen men and women in the armed forces, one group is helping give them the recognition the deserve.

Parent seeks harsher penalties

One local family is still in search of answers behind what they describe were lenient penalties to serious charges.

Technology transforms learning

As more schools migrate to a one-to-one ratio of students to computers or tablets, the debate continues as to whether it actually improves s…

Tick alert

The Iowa Wildlife Federation has released their tick report. Those with the federation report that deer ticks are expected to be more widesp…

Unemployment rates climb in Iowa

Unemployment numbers are something many of us keep a close eye on, especially those of us who might be out of work.