Crash Vid

Car plows into local business

One town festival got pretty interesting Saturday afternoon, at least for the owners of one local store. Owners of Dralle’s Department Store…

Texting and driving ads shock movie goers

Texting and driving ads shock moviegoers

Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of deadly crashes in the U.S. and because of this, organizations have been coming out with w…


2014 Iowa GOP State Convention

High profile political leaders from around the country made their way to Des Moines Saturday for the 2014 Iowa GOP State Convention.

Supporting our local officials

Running with the Law

Local authorities traded their uniforms and squad cars for swimsuits and bikes on Saturday.

MCPD Triathalon

A live interview with one of the event’s coordinators.

Remember your bug spray

Protecting yourself against pesky pests

Everyone knows that warmer weather brings pesky bugs that can put a damper on our time outside, but they can do more than that; they can imp…


A day of fishing

It’s an effort to bridge the generation gap. Local anglers young and old are casting their lines for a feel good event.


Impact of gambling in your town

For more than 15 years the Shade Tree bar has been in the heart of downtown Northwood, and for owner, Teresa George, there is never a dull m…


Drugged driving and younger drivers

KIMT News 3 – Driving under the influence of drugs is a trend that’s happening more and more often, and according to one study, it’s based o…