It’s National Women’s History Month

It’s National Women’s History month and some are sharing their stories of struggle and success in order to continue the progress of women in…

STEM day at MCHS

STEM day of learning

It’s quite learning day for some students at one local high school as they’re getting first hand knowledge on the benefits of getting involv…


UPDATE: Kidnapping charges dismissed

It’s usually the defense team that files a motion to dismiss a case, but this time a north Iowa man facing serious charges may be having his…


President Signs Emergency Propane Act

Propane is used for heating in over 12 million households across the U.S. If you are one of those who have been impacted by the shortage thi…

Police Lights Generic

Handling missing person cases

There have been a number of missing people in our area; some cases have been solved, while others remain a mystery.

Headache concerns

Headache imaging a waste?

“I would get them so bad I’d have to hide myself in my room in complete darkness, I couldn’t play with my kids,” said Dutcher.

Law enforcement

Using GPS tracking devices

Legislation that’s made its way through the Iowa Senate would give authorities another tool for investigations.

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Planting season outlook

Dry soil may not be a concern this year but because of the extreme cold weather we had this winter; frost is.

new Pap test-vo

Could a DNA test replace the Pap Smear?

An FDA advisory committee is recommending that the human papillomavirus test replace the Pap test, which involves examining a cervical sampl…


Ribbons for Jesse

Jesse Wilson lost his life in the accident. Now, his family is doing what they can to raise awareness for drunk driving and getting justice …