Crooks home being demolished

“The feeling I got was that their family would never be here again, and this would be the end that it would come to, and if finally has,” sa…

RAGBRAI Transit routes

Reported changes to Mason City’s Transit System on July 23rd to accommodate RAGBRAI riders and regular riders.

The dangers behind illegal noodling

Hand fishing, or noodling, is a popular past time in the southern states, but Iowa DNR conservation officers are growing concerned about the…

Cisneros found not guilty

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The jury finds Michael Cisneros not guilty in the murder of young John Snyder Jr.

Iowa’s bad bridges

A local lawmaker, once again, is speaking out about his efforts to improve Iowa bridges.

A very wet June

If you thought you saw a lot of rain in June, you were right! In fact, that rainfall set records in Iowa last month.