Lawmakers pack up in Des Moines and head home

Iowa lawmakers return home

Things are a little quieter in Des Moines as the 2014 legislative session has come to a close and local lawmakers headed home after a grueli…

Checking up on car seats

Protecting your child on the road

Car seats are a staple accessory for most parents on the road with young children, but one area organization is working to make sure that th…

License plates

License plate law

MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s a law you might be breaking and you don’t even know it. Now the Iowa Supreme Court is backing police on it. The law …


Opening day campground preps

KIMT News 3 – With rain much of the week and expected next week as well, emergency management officials say all campers should plan ahead an…


First annual film festival kicks off

They’re less than 24 hours from graduation but for these students, they’re rolling out the red carpet for a big movie premier.


Cannabis oil concerns

Local authorities react to the Iowa Legislature’s passage of a bill that legalizes the use of cannabis oil for medical purposes.


Renting vs. buying textbooks

It’s time to sell those college textbooks back and when some students go to the counter expecting some cash, they might be a little disappoi…


Balancing technology and family

“It’s hard to get them off of it sometimes. They’re always texting or snap chatting their friends,” said Mike Cotton.


Safe routes for area students

As a way to get kids the exercise they need each day, one school district is looking to make changes in the way kids get to school.


Business owners prepare for disaster

Franklin County Emergency Management is holding a class to teach business owners how to be prepared in case of any kind of emergency situati…

houses for sale

Homes looking for new life

We’re no strangers to flooding in north Iowa or southern Minnesota. Over the years, there have been several springs with rising waters. In 2…