Special Report: Sleep deprivation

Millions of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep each night and that can lead to some serious health hazards. KIMT News 3’s Annie Szatkowsk…


Air show coming this July

This summer there will be acrobats in the air you could say, as an air show is coming to the north Iowa area.


State rifle appeal to wait

KIMT News 3 – The courts are once again taking up the matter of a stolen rifle in the case of a former Forest City police officer. This time…

Bridge Work

Fuel tax and county debt

This current Iowa legislative session has had a couple of hot topic issues that many people are talking about, and one of the biggest issues…


A day in the life with the 1133rd

MASON CITY,  Iowa – The 1133rd opened their doors to certain members of the public for a peek at what life is like in training for the guard…

Music Therapy at Heritage Care Center

Using music as a tool for therapy

We celebrated the Grammy awards on KIMT Sunday night, so music is on everyone’s mind, but what if music could be used as a tool for therapy.