Infants sleeping safe

When bringing a baby home, safety is always a big concern, especially when it comes to where and how they’re sleeping.


Looming pilot shortage shows first signs

While an aviation safety legislation in 2013 is meant to keep the skies safe, it could also be keeping qualified pilots from reaching their …


What’s in a will?

Philip Seymour Hoffman did not leave his children any money in his will. Was that the right thing to do?

"Always Expect a Train" at a railroad crossing

Staying safe at railroad crossings

Getting stopped at a train crossing might be a headache, but it’s better than the alternative; running into the train.

Propane tanks at United Co-op LP

Preparing propane supply for winter

State officials are hard at work warning Iowans to fill their propane tanks early this year in an attempt to avoid the potential shortcake a…