Getting your car unstuck from the snow

Local law enforcement say it is best to stay off the roads when snow storms like the one on Tuesday roll through, but if you have to be out …


Winter warning in schools

School Superintendent Steve Ward trusts he has a system in place for winter storm warnings.


UPDATE: Banks wins special election

UPDATE: Regan Banks has been elected to fill the vacant Manly City Council seat with 116 votes. Erin Petersen and Robert Linden received 39 …


Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week

“There’s a big gap between what the parents tell them when they’re younger and what they tell them when they’re older,” says Stomer.


eEmergency care system at HCHS

With the push of a button, staff will have 24-hour access to board certified physicians through a tele-communications system.


Vice Admiral Ray talks NATO

Local Vice Admiral Norman Ray is speaking out about why he feels NATO should stick around.