The Great River City Festival is back

MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s that time of year; The Great River City Festival kicks off on Friday afternoon in downtown Mason City. Festivities b…

Being safe on the farm

Arik Baker from Eldora is telling a story to fourth graders at the Kroneman farm, not to scare them, but in hopes they listen.

Battered Women’s Legal Advocacy Project

ALBERT LEA, Minn- The Battered Woman’s Legal Advocacy Project, BWLAP, has an annual statewide training that educates people on the most rece…

Getting his wings

Dean Kemmerer sat amongst those who he could relate to Wednesday afternoon inside a hangar at the Mason City Municipal Airport.

Harmony Park Arrests

FREEBORN COUNTY, Minn- This past weekend, Harmony Park held the Shangri-La Music Festival. A number of Freeborn County Sheriff’s Officers ma…

Police chief open house

An open house was underway in Clear Lake for residents to meet the new police chief and he was hoping they’d come with questions.

Trigger finger a common condition

MASON CITY, Iowa – It sounds like it’s caused by shooting a gun, but that’s not what normally causes trigger finger. The condition, when one…