Air Force Drill Team

Air Force puts on a show

A couple dozen of the nation’s best stopped by our area Tuesday to showcase their talents.


Small town in SE Minn. remains evacuated

Evacuated residents of a flooded town in southeastern Minnesota have learned it could be as much as two weeks before they can return to thei…

ROAD PKG.transfer

Road and budget washout

Counties are continuing to feel the effects from last week’s storms as they continue repairing washed out roads.

Summer Energy Bills

When heat goes up, keep bills down

It is going to be pretty warm this week and generally when the temperatures go up in the summer, so does your energy bill.


Unrest in Iraq and at the pump

The civil unrest in Iraq is causing a different kind of unrest here in the U.S. That discomfort can be found at the pump.


Closed for camping

If you made plans to go camping this weekend, you might want to reschedule. Many campgrounds in Iowa and Minnesota are remaining closed due …