Automatic guns and kids

A deadly accident involving a 9-year-old and a semi-automatic weapon has us turning to experts.

Local family reacts to Ferguson violence

Local family reacts to Ferguson violence

An area family, filled with diversity, has been using the crisis in Ferguson, to talk about racial profiling and what this violence will mea…


Higher alcohol content in wine

  GARNER, Iowa- You may have noticed that your favorite wines may be more bitter than they use to be. That’s because several wines are start…


Women and online gaming

MASON CITY, Iowa- The world of gaming is growing and becoming more popular. Colleges in Chicago are even picking up competitive gaming as a …

Student Debt VO 2.mp4

Student debt scare

KIMT News 3 – Student debt is affecting many people, and the scary news is it could affect the economy in the future as well. The thought is…