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Spring SAW Rewind

It was a great spring in North Iowa and southern Minnesota.

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SAW: Kaylee Parks

Parks has helped her team so far this season go 15-0.

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SAW: Sarah Rolling

According to North Union’s softball coach, Rolling’s bat speaks for itself.


SAW: Sully Reyerson

Reyerson is one of the best hurdlers in the state of Iowa.

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SAW: Sam Cataldo

Cataldo is a veteran on the GHV Track and Field Team.

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SAW: Winter rewind

It was a wonderful winter for student-athletes in our area.

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SAW: Kelsie Willert

Willert was a senior leader for the Saints this season.

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SAW: Sarri Happel

Happel is a senior leader at Forest City this season.

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SAW: Reese Halloran

Halloran credits his older brother for a lot of his success.

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SAW: Holly Bock

Bock has been playing varsity basketball for four years.