Floyd county recount results

A group of volunteers gathered Wednesday to recount the Democratic primary votes and the results have not changed.

becca is saw-pkg

SAW: Becca Huberty

Entering play on Wednesday, Huberty is 10-1 this season.

Unattended Cooking Fires

Keep an eye on your food

Unattended cooking fires killed more people last year in Minnesota than the previous seven years combined.

Reduce Waste at Work

Help reduce waste in the workplace

You might not think about this during your daily routine, but in our country the average person produces more than four pounds of trash a da…

Driving During Storms

Be careful when driving in bad weather

The last two nights have not been very kind to those out on area roads, and it does not appear to be getting any better in the coming days.


Food safety while outdoors

KIMT News 3 – Eating outdoors is just one of the many well-enjoyed activities during the summer, but only if done safely. No matter where yo…


Hand, Foot and Mouth disease

Hand-Foot-and Mouth disease is commonly spread during the summer months and is one parents should always be on the lookout for.