Blue Zones Walk-a-thon

Blue Zones Walk-a-thon

Area students are coming together to get moving and develop healthy lifestyles.

Guns Found

Stolen Guns Found

Last night we told you about 22 rifles being stolen in Floyd County. Those weapons are still missing, but in another county, two guns stolen…

Debris Clean Up

Cleaning up after the storm

Now that we have all had about two days to stop and stare at the rare may snowfall, some in southern Minnesota are busy cleaning it all up.


Spring Confusion

It’s causing trees to go down, important events to be canceled and just a lot of overall confusion – the Snow MAYhem 2013 continues

PepsiCo ending ties with Lil Wayne

NEW YORK (AP) — PepsiCo is cutting its ties with Lil Wayne after the rapper made a crude reference to civil rights martyr Emmett Till in a s…