Joan Becker Clear Lake, IA

A Mother Tells Her Story

But it’s not the costumes getting the most attention; instead, it’s a mother with a message.

May Day rally turns violent in Seattle

SEATTLE (AP) — Police used flash bangs and pepper spray as officers and protesters clashed late Wednesday as a May Day rally turned violent …

SAW: Casey Hall

SAW: Casey Hall

Newman Senior Casey Hall is our Student Athlete of the Week

Rainy May

Snow in May?

While the calendar says May, it doesn’t exactly feel like it outside.

Gerard Academy

Adding on to Meet Demand

Crews broke ground on a patch of land that used to hold the facility’s recreation center and will now hold a new dormitory.


Living Below “The Line”

It can be a challenge to figure out how much to spend on food each meal, but what if you only had one dollar and fifty cents for the entire …