A benefit for the Bennets

Hundreds of people came out to support Brad and Carrissa Bennett after a motorcycle crash at the Sturgis Rally this year changed their lives…


5th Annual Bounce Days

The 5th annual Bounce Days is giving people a look at scenarios that could happen in their area, but with a twist; zombies.


Wasting school lunches

Each year Americans waste enough food to fill the Sears Tower 44 times a year, and some of that food may be coming from our school lunchroom…

Hog on Klemme Farm

Beware of manure foam

Fires can be detrimental no matter where or when they happen, but a fire that takes place on a farm can be even more dangerous; especially w…


Remembering victims of murder

In preparation for Friday’s National Day of Remembrance, families shared their thoughts and prayers with one another in solidarity.