Study: Price of prom more than $1,000

Prom season is in full swing with many festivities taking place in the coming weeks, and that means stores that sell dresses and tuxes are p…

TSA Security

TSA postpones small knives on planes

Thursday was going to be a day of change for the airline industry. Small knives up to 2.36 inches were set to be allowed on planes.

KIMT News 3

HIV infection cases up

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, more than 300 cases of HIV infections were reported last year.

Ricin letter saga: Timeline

Letters containing ricin found their way to a congressman and President Barack Obama. Here’s a look at news alerts since the first instance.


The Many Benefits of Community Gardens

Planting a garden might be the last thing on your mind with these cold temperatures we’ve been seeing but once it warms up, you might want t…