The BabySafe Project

Health Advocates started a nationwide campaign to inform mothers about the dangers of cell phone radiation.

Voting station

The power of the vote

They say “every vote counts” and one race is proving this to be true.

Election Day

Incumbents without challengers

Most voters will be making their vote for a Republican or a Democrat this fall, but some in Minnesota will not have both options.

Freeborn County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff candidate being investigated

A local sheriff’s deputy has thrown his hat into the election ring, and found out the same day that he was being put on paid leave.


Leave the power lines to the pros

You may be tempted to trim your trees to avoid any contact with power lines, but experts urge us to leave it up to the professionals.


Family pushes for pool fences

A Joice mother is speaking up to her city after she noticed that fences weren’t being put up around pools in her neighborhood.

rrNews at 10-VO2 ROAD RAGE.transfer

The problem of road rage

It can be an all to common occurrence when driving, but law enforcement is warning folks about the potential dangers of road rage.

Joni Ernst

One step closer to making Iowa history

You could say the state of Iowa is a little behind the curve when it comes to having female representation on a national level, but all of t…


“Nap Nanny” recall

KIMT News 3 –   A strong warning going out to parents with infants.  Stop using the “Nap Nanny.” It’s an infant recliner that was sold betwe…