The Kings of the Ice Castle

Monday’s temperatures were below zero, but it didn’t slow down a local duo from hitting Clear Lake.


Getting towed out

Local towing services, such as Holt services, were also busy getting those stranded cars, out of local ditches.

Great Lakes Airlines

Major flight changes

John and Pamela McGowan are heading to the golden state, and to get there, they booked a flight at their local airport instead of heading st…


Cold delays lesson plans

It’s a bittersweet feeling for students with the day off from school who have to play catch up.

cars in ditches after blizzard conditions

First responders in blizzard conditions

As many people shoveled their way out of their driveways this morning and headed to work, trying to avoid drifting snow on the roads, first …


Area roadways reopened

Drivers throughout our area dealt with some extremely difficult road conditions yesterday and this morning