Putney/Pena pin to win

Putney and Pena are among the 18 local wrestlers from Class 2A still in search of a championship.

SAW: Tom Schiffer

The Mason City senior wrestler is hoping to make the most out of his third trip to state.

Iowa deer harvest down

For eight years now, the number of deer harvested in Iowa has dropped.

Remembering Tyler

A 27 -year-old Osage man travels west with some of his friends to go snowmobiling and hill climbing.

Winter litter slowly appears

As the snow slowly disappears, something different appears – the trash on the side of the road.

How negotiators handle crisis

As a way of life, crisis negotiators find themselves in harms way, all to protect and serve others and today, they’re sharing their experien…

DMCC Meeting

DMC making major strides forward

It is a major project that needs some major paperwork done before things get rolling, so the Destination Medical Center Corporation board me…

Mayo Clinic

Ethnicity plays role in cancer survival

New research is leading to significant improvements in survival rates for those facing advanced colon cancer, depending on your ethnicity.

Bracing for a blizzard

The threat of the blizzard is forcing many to do some extra prep and planning, so they can avoid going out in the storm.

New weight requirements for bridges

There are some decade old bridges in Franklin County that have county engineers concerned about the safety of their motorists.

MNsure airs new ads

Minnesotans are getting the chance to see firsthand the accomplishments of the state’s online health insurance marketplace.

Busted pipes are busting through budgets

Cities statewide have been struggling to keep their pipes warm this winter which has led to a number of water main breaks and many homes wit…