NOAA Weather Radio Programming

Weather Radio Transmitter Frequencies
St. Ansgar, IA 162.450
Forest City, IA 162.500
Ringsted, IA 162.475
Decorah, IA 162.525
Iowa Falls, IA 162.525
Waterloo, IA 162.550
Fort Dodge, IA 162.400
Des Moines, IA 162.550
Cedar Rapids, IA 162.475
Rochester, MN 162.475
Mankato, MN 162.400
Minneapolis, MN 162.550
LaCrosse, WI 162.550
Prairie DuChien, WI 162.500
Eau Claire, WI 162.400
FIPS Codes For SAME Radios
When an NWS office broadcasts an urgent audio message (warning, watch, or non-weather emergency) it also creates and broadcasts a digital SAME code (that may be heard as a very brief static burst, depending on the characteristics of the receiver). This SAME code contains the type of message, county(s) affected, and expiration time of the message. An appropriately programmed SAME weather radio will then turn on for that message, with the listener hearing the warning alarm as an attention signal, followed by the broadcast message. At the end of the broadcast message, listeners will hear a brief digital end-of-message static burst followed by a resumption of the NWR broadcast cycle.To program currently available NWR SAME receivers with the proper county(s) of choice, a user will need to know the 6-digit SAME code number(s) for that county(s). Below is a table of SAME codes for counites in the KIMT viewing area.

Please see information from the manufacturer of your NWR SAME receiver for specific programming instructions. Another method for getting a county NWR SAME code number for programming receivers is available through the NWS’s toll free telephone service. This toll free number is 1-888-NWR-SAME (1-888-697-7263). Users will be prompted through a simple voice menu. Users will be able to program more advanced receivers to receive alerts for specific emergencies as well as specific counties.

Iowa Counties Minnesota Counties
Bremer 019017 Dodge 027039
Butler 019023 Faribault 027043
Cerro Gordo 019033 Fillmore 027045
Chickasaw 019037 Freeborn 027047
Fayette 019065 Mower 027099
Floyd 019067 Olmsted 027109
Franklin 019069 Steele 027147
Hancock 019081 Waseca 027161
Howard 019089
Humboldt 019091
Kossuth 019109
Mitchell 019131
Winnebago 019089
Winneshiek 019191
Worth 019195
Wright 019197
For SAME codes in other counties, click on the state for a complete list: Iowa | Minnesota | Wisconsin | North Dakota |South Dakota | Illinois | Missouri | Nebraska | Kansas

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