StormNet 3 Live – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the data on the Internet old?
If the data on the Internet is old, there could be multiple reasons:

a. The school’s Internet connection is down. This is the most common reason for a data outage for a single weather station.
b. There is temporary interference at the school. The weather stations are wireless and sometimes due to atmospheric conditions or other interference at the site, a short disruption of communications between KIMT and the weather station is possible.
c. The weather station has suffered a hardware failure. This is very rare as the weather stations are made from professional quality parts. But as with anything, hardware failures can happen. At this point, we would be aware of the problem and will fix it as soon as possible.

2. Why does there appear to be rainfall when the skies were sunny?
There are a few reasons for this that are common for all automated weather stations:

a. In the winter, snow accumulates in the automated rain gauge. Then on a sunny and warm day, the snow will melt and rain will go into the rain gauge, causing it to register rainfall.
b. On humid mornings, dew will collect in the rain gauge bucket. If enough dew is there, it can cause the rain gauge to measure a small amount of rain.
c. Strong winds can cause the mechanism in a weather station to tip, making it think that there was rain. Some of this can’t be prevented as the wind blowing over the top of the rain gauge creates a vacuum that can trip the mechanism that measures rain. When this problem becomes a regular issue or false rainfall is excessive, we will check the weather station and see what we can do to secure it.

3. Why is the monthly rainfall number very high?
There either could have been a day with locally heavy rain or one event in the month, as listed above could have occurred.

4. Where can I get archived data from a weather station?
We currently don’t provide public access to any archived data.

5. My business needs to use the data from the weather stations or I need this data for a lawsuit I am involved in. How can I get the archived data?
The data from the KIMT Storm Net 3 Live network is for educational purposes and general use by the public. The data is not to be used for any official purposes such as business or lawsuits. If you have a need for business purposes, please contact us for more information. If you have a legal request, we cannot help you. Your best bet would be to contact the National Weather Service that covers your area.

6. I would like to see a weather station in my school. How do we get one?
Please contact us and let us know of your interest in having a weather station for your school. When we learn of a school’s interest, we try to find a business partner to help us make it possible at no cost to the school. Typically we focus on putting weather stations in middle schools as that is where weather is studied the most. But with many school districts being spread out, we also would consider other schools if it would fill in a data gap.

If you have other questions that we didn’t answer here, please contact us through our Contact Us page by clicking here.

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